Helicopter Flight Training – Private Pilot

Helicopter Private Pilot Course

Obtaining your helicopter license is really rewarding. The initial helicopter pilot’s license is the Private Pilot license. With a helicopter private pilot license you are able to fly the helicopter as pilot-in-command. The helicopter private pilot course is intended as the starting point for new pilots that want to start flying as a career or for people the want to fly as a hobby or for personal business.

The estimate of the costs to complete the Helicopter Private Pilot Course with Apollo Helicopters is below.

Total Cost*$15,170.00
FAA Medical$110.00
Books and Training Material$280.00
20 Hours of Dual Flight Instruction$6,700.00
20 Hours of Solo Flight$5,600.00
30 Hours of Ground Instruction**$1,650.00
FAA Written Exam$150.00
FAA Check Flight$400.00
Helicopter Rental for Check Flight @ $280 / hour$280.00

* Times published reflect minimum Federal Aviation Administration requirements, total cost may be higher
** Apollo Helicopters estimate. FAA CFR Part 61.105 does not reflect minimum time for ground instruction.

Download Helicopter Private Pilot Summary

For those pilots that are interested in flying helicopters for a career, please review our Professional Helicopter Pilot Program.