Airplane Flight Training – Private Pilot

Airplane Private Pilot Course

Obtaining your pilot’s license is really rewarding. The initial pilot’s license is the Private Pilot license. With an airplane private pilot license you are able to fly the airplane as pilot-in-command. The airplane private pilot course is intended as the starting point for new pilots that want to start flying as a career or for people the want to fly as a hobby or for personal business.

The estimate of the costs to complete the Airplane Private Pilot Course with Apollo Flight is below.

Total Cost*$8,790.00
FAA Medical$110.00
Books and Training Material$300.00
20 Hours of Dual Flight Instruction$3,800.00
20 Hours of Solo Flight$2,600.00
20 Hours of Ground Instruction**$1,200.00
FAA Written Exam$150.00
FAA Check Flight$500.00
Airplane Rental for Check Flight @ $130 / hour$130.00

* Times published reflect minimum Federal Aviation Administration requirements, total cost may be higher
** Apollo Helicopters estimate. FAA CFR Part 61.125 does not reflect minimum time for ground instruction.

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